Insured Colleagues ProgramTM

Through the Insured Colleagues Program, AMS Management Group (AMS) provides the structure for successful clinical risk reduction programs for our insureds. 

The Insured Colleagues Program consists of the Chief Medical Officer, Specialty Medical Directors (SMD’s) in each specialty and a Medical Advisory Panel. These clinical experts are actively involved in the risk evaluation and selection process of new and renewal business. AMS identifies highly qualified and respected physicians for the position of Specialty Medical Director. This physician assists in developing specialty specific criteria to be used in addition to the standard criteria. Responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating the member physicians in their respective specialty;
  • Implementing process improvement initiatives.

The responsibilities of the SMD Medical Advisory Panel include: 

  • Analysis of specialty specific claims experience both internally and externally;
  • Analysis of present physician risk behavior through individual physician impact reports;
  • Review of current, national specialty specific risk reduction strategies;
  • Provide targeted risk reduction process improvement recommendations;
  • Review claims against physicians for merit and potential liability.

Further, there is a Medical Executive Committee, which is comprised of the Chief Medical Officer and the Specialty Medical Directors.  This committee is responsible for all multi-specialty process improvement initiatives.

In addition to providing underwriting and clinical risk management support, the Insured Colleagues Program is intimately involved in all claims management activities and serves as an internal peer review mechanism for claims.