AMS Management Group 

AMS Management Group (AMS) is an agent for Applied Medico-legal Solutions Risk Retention Group (AMS RRG) and Liberty Insurance Underwriters (LIU) providing underwriting, brokering, clinical risk management, claims management oversight and distribution services. AMS combines traditional underwriting methodologies of rate, class and territory with cutting-edge clinical quality benchmark tools.  These tools and benchmarking data are imbedded in the underwriting process, which significantly enhances risk selection and improves underwriting results.  AMS differentiates itself in the market by providing proprietary risk management and clinical quality improvement methodologies to its members through the Insured Colleagues Program. This unique program engages member physicians in initiatives focused on reducing medico-legal risks, which is paramount to better premium pricing and improved underwriting profitability. 

Our management team has many years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance marketplace and are proven leaders in managing and administering medical professional liability insurance programs for the healthcare community.  AMS's success is a result of our commitment to the client - ensuring that we continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. We have consistently demonstrated our expertise by maintaining program quality and stability over time. 

Richard B. Welch, President and CEO          

Steven M. Shapiro, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Susan O. Martin, RN, JD, Executive Vice President of Litigation Management/Loss Control

Dawne L. Adams, Executive Vice President of Underwriting & Product Development

Daniel Delfini, Executive Vice President of Distribution & Business Development

Ramy Reddy, Executive Vice President of Information Technology & Controller

Christopher Edge, Vice President of Preferred Programs & Business Development

Dena B. Mastrogiovanni, Esq., Vice President of Litigation Management

Kelly Reddell, Esq., Vice President of Litigation Management

Erika L. Wilson, Vice President of Operations & Human Resources